How it Works

1. Choose your lenses

We can make up any lenses that your optometrist can, at a lower price - from single vision to multifocals, plano sunnies to strong spheres. You can style them with mirroring or graduated tinting or play it safe with polarisation. Plus every lens comes equipped with free UV Protection, anti-scratch and anti-glare coating so you get safer, longer lasting specs.

2. Send your Script

Unless you're blessed with perfect vision (sigh), we'll need your prescription to get started. Don't have you prescription on hand? We'll give your optometrist a call. If you fancy a set of multifocals, make sure to send us a selfie with your sexy specs so we know the positioning of your eyes (not just to see your pretty face).

3. Mail your Frames

Pop your frames and glasses case in secure packaging and ship them to us. We'll cover the cost of shipping by giving you a reply paid address to send them to.

4. Our Lab Gets To Work

Our optical lab is one of Australia's best. Lenses are sourced from world-class suppliers custom-made to your order then carefully placed into your frames ready to be returned to you.

5. Say Hello to your refreshed frames!

We'll then ship your new glasses back to you, free of charge!

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Your frames + our lenses = the perfect pair