About Us

Clens is a service by Sneaking Duck - one of Australia's first and most-loved online glasses retailers. For more than 5 years we've been helping people around the world get amazing glasses at awesome prices by working with the best suppliers and cutting out the middlemen

We're pretty good at it too - which is why we've won a number of customer service awards over the years :)

At Sneaking Duck, we heard from tons of customers (and non customers!) who loved their frames but just wanted to upgrade their lenses. Over the years we did this as a "secret service" for some of our best customers, but then requests for the service started coming through more and more frequently...so we decided to start a company that did just that.

Enter Clens. We're just like Sneaking Duck - same free delivery perks, same awesome customer service team - but without the hassle of finding the perfect pair (of glasses).With more than 5 years of online optical experience and happy customers under our belt, you can trust us to 'look' after your frames while you focus on looking good B-)

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